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Deanne M. Lozano


Deanne Lozano

Reiki Master Teacher in both the traditional Usui & Violet Flame Reiki methods, Master of Crystology in both the Dawn Silver and Melody traditions, Magnified Healing Master Teacher, initiated into the Akashic Records by Master Lillian Irene Lovas, and has also studied Tibetan Energy Healing Techniques and received Medicine Buddha Initiation from Lama Lobsang.  She uses a combination of Reiki, Crystals, Sound and Vibrational healing, along with Sacred Geometry and the help of Archangels, Spirit Guides and Ascended masters.


By being able to see into the subtle energy bodies, through different dimensions, levels, past lives, and ancestral connections, Deanne can help to release energy blockages within her clients. This release helps her clients move forward and make positive changes in their lives.


This expertise comes as a result of a lifelong search, since childhood, of studies, meditation, work and prayer to be closer to the creative force of the universe and connect with all forms of nature and life.


Deanne has found that life in all its forms has a oneness, be it plants, trees, crystals, stones, wild and domestic animals, elements, spirits, angels. She has made this discovery in this dimension as well as others.


Not only does she do energy healing work, but also she is quite adept at tarot, astrology, divination, and past life readings. Her talents are multi-faceted and extremely fine-tuned, having practiced professionally for more than 30 years.


For more information and appointments call 773-769-5458

Or  E-mail at seekerspath@eudoramail.com