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Lillian Irene Lovas

Akashic Record Reader, 
Certified Master Practitioner of The Yuen Method,
Life Strategist Coach,
Hatha Yoga and Ecstatic Dance Instructor

Lillian will help guide you in your transformational work; uncovering lost dreams, or discovering new ones, strategizing their manifestation or removing blocks from your success. Integrating over 30 years experience in the health field as a nutrition counselor and research fellow in cardiovascular disease, preventive medicine, and epidemiology, yoga and movement meditation instructor, and nearly 10 years in the field of NLP, focusing on solutions, setting goals, aligning yourself with your desired outcomes, discovering what stops you and modeling your states of excellence, and applying these to your goals and holding accountability to those goals.

Master Practitioner and Certified Health Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Oriental Natural Energetics (ONE Model), Nutritionist, Certified Master Practitioner of The Yuen Method, Dr. Kam, (Chinese Energetic Method), Certified Facilitator To Our Health (Hagemann Dowsing/Divining Method), Reiki and Shinkiko Master, Akashic Record reader, certified Crystallographer, ecstatic dance teacher , certified Yoga instructor at the Temple of Kriya Yoga, Levels I & II, Chicago; and the Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas, Chakra Yoga with Anodea Judith, certified Cardiac Yoga Yogaville Ashram, Virginia, and certified Level 1 teacher of Universal Yoga and Dance of Shiva with Andrey Lappa.

Lillian has lectured and taught nationally and internationally.

For appointment call: 773-220-1329 or email: contact@lillianirenelovas.com