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Visit the site for an amazing adventure! SpIritual vacations for an affordable price! Remarkable speakers, practitioners, free workshops (including our own Dawn Silver D.N. - see below for description), and much more! 

The Workshops:

Level one: 101  
The Crystal Bridge


  This class bridges the metaphysics to the spiritual sciences of Ayurveda, Tibetan and Anthroposophy as well as Medical healing and research. This class is filled with many “ Ah Has” and plenty of verification as to why and how crystals are used in healing.  I was the recipient of The Coalition of Visionary Retailers Award for the research collected in the “Jewels”.  This class will give you the power to explain crystal healing to anyone in a way they can understand and would be hard pressed to argue with an understanding of how the folklore came to be. 


Crystal Healing is based on the actual mineral and metal combinations found in stones.  Their Cosmic Mission must be based on their physical capabilities.


In this class you will see why I am known as the “Bad girl of Crystals”


Levels Two and Three:  201 and 301
The Ancient Practices of Bodywork with Healing Stones.

  This class is based on intuition and science. The only rule in these classes is that there are no rules unless we are talking about actually physical science. When using intuition the door of possibilities is wide open but never do I place ones intuitive insights above anyone elses.  That includes any authors as well!!!

Some techniques practiced will be the Peruvian Drawing excersize, Crystal Reflexology via the nerve pathways, understanding the chakras rule in healing, scanning the body and incorporating other modalities such as Reiki and Mari-El in to practice.

One may take both classes or either.  Although the energy does build I have plenty of healing techniques that will be offered and the goal in these classes is to learn the therapeutic art of healing treatments with crystals.


Level Four:  401
Learning to Read the "Jewels"


  In this class we will learn different spreads and how to do readings for self and others based from my book and oracle The Jewels of the Lotus. This class is a fun! We will work with partners to do a variety of spreads including "The Medicine Buddha", " Divining Prosperity through the Emerald Matrix and " The Tantra of Ruby Soul-mate Reading".

This class if for experienced readers as well as initiates who want to learn to get started.



Level Five:  501
Rasa-Vidya Astrology and the Vibrational Medicine Using Stones and Essential Oils


  In this class we will create tinctures and sprays based on your specific astrology from a ancient Tibetan health chart. You will need you day and time of birth. Complete handouts will be given so that you may do this chart for others and be able to up-date yours.

This class is about vibrational medicine and the specific crystals and essential oils that strengthen your genetic constitution, birth constitution as well as future cycles. All formulas made are based solely on your chart and will be different than other participants. In Tibetan and Ayurvedic practice gemstones are used as medicine to strengthen your “dosha”, constitutional body type and the planets which guide your make-up since birth.

There is a $2.00 charge for each tincture and spray glass bottle for which is based on actual wholesale costs. There is no charge for the tinctures you can be put in a water glass to be only used during the duration of the trip.


I am completely comfortable with participants coming in for any class and not taking them in sequence. There is plenty of research and information to be learned on any level. Some information will be by matter of conversation repeated throughout the courses so we have a true understanding and unshakable working model.


Dawn Silver, DN is a Naprapath and certified aroma therapist and author of the book “Jewels of the Lotus Tibetan Gemstone Oracle”. She has been teaching crystal healing for 20 years.  Her husband Michael Wisniewski and her founded Healing Earth Resources a spiritual book and gift store in Chicago in 1987. They have two children Ian and Karina Oshanna.

Individual Sessions

Dawn is available for readings during the cruise:
One hour sessions are $65 and combines astrology and her oracle.  If scheduling in advance (minimum two weeks), you can e-mail her with your chart information at
Half hour sessions are $35 and focus on the jewels oracle reading.

Special limited after dinner readings on night three I will be offering
10 -10 minute readings for $15 per session.  It is an easy way to sample, receive insight into your needs and have fun.


Recommended Reading

  1. Jewels of the Lotus: Tibetan Gemstone Oracle
    by Dawn Silver
  2. Love Cards: What Your Birthday Reveals About You & Your Personal Relationships
    by Robert Camp
  3. Destiny Cards: Your Birth Card & What It Reveals About Your Past, Present & Future
    by Robert Camp
  4. Divine Interventions: True Stories of Mystery and Miracles That Change Lives
    by Dan Millman
  5. The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth
    by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen

All books are available at Healing Earth Resources