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 Urgent! Of Immediate Importance!!!!!

Friends of Healing Earth,                                                 August 10, 2005

Healing Earth Resources will have to close its doors on September 30, 2005, unless we are able to raise $250,000 by September 15.  The owners, Dawn Silver and Michael Wisniewski, have done everything they can to keep its doors open.  They now need the financial and spiritual energy of the Chicago area Spiritual and Holistic Community to create a miracle in the next 35 days.

There is a way that you and others can help this powerful institution, from which we have all benefited, to continue serving the Chicagoland community as it has done for over 18 years.

Healing Earths' financial difficulties have stemmed from not being able to fully implement its original concept due to under
funding, therefore almost half of its space is either unused or underused and the retail store alone has been unable to generate enough revenues to cover the overhead expenses.  A fully functioning Healing Earth will be financially stable and an even greater asset to the community than it already is.

We, the initial Board of Directors, are committed to saving Healing Earth and are forming a corporation called "Save Healing Earth, Inc."  This corporation will endeavor to purchase the assets of Healing Earth Resources and to re-configure the store with a newly energized vision for future service and success.  Our goal is to fulfill Dawn and Michael’s original vision of creating an  "urban oasis for the body, mind and spirit."  In addition to the existing book and world trade gift store, the new Healing Earth will have a well-body health clinic, an organic fair trade café, a natural foods co-op, and expanded yoga facilities.

Here's how you can help.
  We need to raise as many memberships to “Save Healing Earth” as possible in the next 30 days to enable us to attract the equity capital needed to keep Healing Earth in business. A large number of memberships are
necessary to show the people who are considering investing in Healing Earth that we have a substantial, committed customer base who want what we have to offer. The number of memberships is as important as the amount of monies raised.

We have attached a “Save Healing Earth” membership drive subscription for you. To express their gratitude, Dawn and
Michael have agreed to honor these membership benefits during the transition period so that whichever level of membership you choose to participate in, the benefits start the moment we receive your subscription. 

Our request carries NO RISK to you whatsoever. The funds from your new Save Healing Earth membership will be held in a segregated trust fund, and not touched, until we have successfully reached our goals. When the goals are reached, you will be the first to know it and rejoice along with us.

Of course, our goal is to keep Healing Earth in business even if it means moving to a different location. If we cannot reach our financial goal of $250,000 by September 15 and Healing Earth Resources closes, we will continue to work on raising the necessary capital to re- open Healing Earth at a new location until Thanksgiving 2005.  If at that point we have not reached our goals, all monies will be returned to you by our attorneys. 

Healing Earth has been in business for over 18 years...
As you know, Healing Earth offers, on the average, 15 to 20 workshops, book signings and community sponsored environmental, socially conscious and political meet-ups and events weekly.  We have become a "home" for numerous spiritual, holistic and pro-active organizations. As many of you already are aware, Healing Earth has never been neutral in regards to social consciousness and we have always strived to walk our talk. Our name says it all.

We are now offering the Spiritual/Holistic community an amazing opportunity to put the "It takes a Village" concept into action with many hands helping to sustain this multi-faceted, high vibrational center the Chicago area deserves. By supporting Healing Earth you are supporting a village of products, services, healers, teachers and consciousness seekers all working to make the world a better place now and for future generations. 

Please take this request seriously for the future of Healing Earth is at stake.
Blessings to all of you for your patronage and support of Healing Earth -past, present and in it's bright future!
Mitakuye Oyasin (we are all related - Lakota saying)

Initial Board of Directors:
Shelley Amdur- Spiritual Healer/Teacher
Lillian Lovas - Events Co-coordinator Healing Earth/CEM Practitioner
Ken Novak - Business Consultant
Laura Hansen - Marketing Consultant


We are asking you to subscribe to becoming a member of "Save Healing Earth, Inc."  
Existing members who re-commit by Sept.15 for any of the below levels will receive a full years membership for free.  We are offering the following membership categories:


________Level One/Amethyst: $25 - One Year Membership
- Includes:
 - 10% store discount
 - A $25 gift certificate for every $500 spent annually at Healing Earth store
 - Special sales notifications for additional savings

 ________Level Two/Aquamarine: $49 - One Year Membership
- Includes:
- Level One/Amethyst benefits
  PLUS :
- $20 off first session with a Healing Earth body worker
- An extra 5% off on store sales the month of your birthday
- A 3-month natal chart with transits printed
- HydroSonic Soundbed session ($18 value)

_______Level Three/Emerald: $100 - One Year Membership
- Includes:
- Level One/Amethyst and Level Two/Aquamarine benefits 
  PLUS :
- 3 additional soundbed sessions per year (total 4)
- Four, 2 for 1, coupons for the Fair Trade Cafe

______Level Four/Topaz: $200 - Three Year Membership
- Includes:
- Level One/Amethyst, Level Two/Aquamarine and Level Three/Emerald 
- Three years for the price of two

______Level Five/Ruby: $500 - 10 Year Membership
- Includes:
- Level One/Amethyst, Level Two/Aquamarine and Level Three/Emerald benefits
- Ten years for the price of five.

_______Level Six/Diamond: $1000 - Lifetime Membership
- Includes :
- Level One/Amethyst, Level Two/Aquamarine and Level Three/Emerald 
- Personalized signed copy of  Dawn Silver's book
   "Jewels of the Lotus Tibetan Gemstone Oracle"
- Private Astrological and Jewels Oracle reading (by appointment).
- A lifetime membership for the price of ten.






City__________________State______ Zip Code__________________


Payment can be made by check.
Checks made payable to “Save Healing Earth, Inc.”
 sent to:
Save Healing Earth, Inc.  P.O. Box 180291, Chicago, IL 60618

Note: If you know someone who would be interested in being an investor, please contact us with his or her information by calling