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Let President Bush Know


LIVE 8 is a day of action across the world which kick-starts The Long Walk to Justice that calls on the leaders of the world's richest countries to act when they meet in Gleneagles on 6th-9th July.

 “8 Men Can Save Millions of Lives If We Raise The World’s Voice As One”

On July 8, a high profile African Summit will take place in Scotland, hosted by Prime Minister Blair and attended by President Bush and the leaders of the eight richest nations (G8) in the world. During this meeting, Jacques Chirac (France), Gerhard Schroder (Germany), Silvio Berlusconi (Italy), Paul Martin (Canada), Junichiro Koizumi (Japan), and Vladimir Putin (Russia) along with Bush and Blair will be making life or death decisions for millions of people living in Africa. Because of this unique political opportunity, Bob Geldof, the originator of Live Aid, developed the concept of Live 8 – nine huge outdoor concerts in each G8 capital on Saturday, July 2nd just a few days before the G8 Summit.

The goal of Live 8 is to create a wave of support, a mass lobby, that will communicate to the G8 governments what they should do: develop a historic plan to work with African governments in fighting AIDS, extreme poverty and corruption.

Join the Live 8 Concert Party at Healing Earth July 2, Saturday