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Bono, Clooney, Robertson together as ONE


Dear Friend,

Are Americans ready for a campaign in which they don't have to pick a side?  

TONIGHT, Pat Robertson and George Clooney tell America on ABC's "Nightline": there is only ONE side in the fight against global AIDS and extreme poverty. They'll ask viewers to join in signing a letter to President Bush to support an unprecedented debt, aid and trade deal for the world's poorest people at the upcoming G8 summit on July 6.   

Will you join them and sign the ONE letter to President Bush today?

It's a weekend of ONE on the airwaves: Sunday, Bono of U2 goes on NBC's "Meet the Press" to discuss the potential for a real breakthrough in the fight against poverty at the G8.  And Bob Geldof appears on CBS's "Sunday Morning" to talk about the Live 8 concerts and what they can do to help President Bush reach an historic agreement to help those most in need around the world. 

As ONE, ending global AIDS and extreme poverty is a fight we can win: ONE million Americans are wearing the white band. Over 215,000 Americans have already signed the ONE letter, and next week, the President is expected to make a speech outlining his plans for the G8. Ask President Bush today to take the biggest step forward that he possibly can to make poverty history:

Please ask 3 friends and family members sign the ONE letter to President Bush.

Be sure to catch George Clooney and Pat Robertson tonight at 11:35pm/10:35pm Central on ABC's "Nightline". No matter who you vote for, whether you go to a church or mosque, or if you live in Hollywood or the Heartland, millions of us agree that as ONE we can reach across divides of politics, religion and music and do something extraordinary, together. 


The ONE Team

P.S. NEWS FLASH: You've already seen Nelson Mandela on ONE.ORG talking about what the G8 can do - and because of your overwhelming response, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is now making it possible for MILLIONS of people in the U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and the UK to also hear his call to action - more news to come!

** As is always the case, please note breaking news may preempt these news programs.