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No to War on Iraq


Act Now! Act Now! Act Now!

March and Rally

Monday , October 7 @ 5 PM , Federal Building  
220 S. Dearborn

Sponsored by the Iraq Peace Pledge -
For more information 773-278-6706 or 312-566-9780.

October 7, 2001, more than a 1000 people marched in

Chicago to protest the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan.


We oppose the terrorist attacks of September 11 that killed nearly 3,000

people. We also oppose the military invasion of Afghanistan that began

October 7, 2001. Like the September 11 attacks, the invasion of Afghanistan

has destroyed much and taken the lives of thousands men, women, and

children. And the U.S. has failed to fulfill its promise to rebuild Afghanistan.

We need to end the war in Afghanistan not start another one in

Iraq. A war with Iraq would cost as much as $100 billion dollars, money

that is needed for education, housing, and health care. The U.S. government

does not have any convincing reasons to invade Iraq. As the Bush

administration admits, there is no evidence that Saddam Hussein was

connected to al Qaeda or the September 11 attacks and charges that Iraq

possesses nuclear weapons are unsubstantiated. That is why there is

widespread opposition throughout the world to this war.

Iraq is more than Saddam Hussein. It is a country of 25 million people

who have been suffering both at Hussein™s hands and those of the U.S. As

many as a million Iraqis have died - including hundreds of thousands of

children - due to a decade of U.S. bombings and sanctions. Thousands

more will die if the U.S. invades. We call for the resolution of this crisis

through international diplomacy and for the elimination of all weapons of

mass destruction in the world.

Our actions will make a difference. Widespread opposition got the

U.S. to pull out of Vietnam and prevented an invasion of Nicaragua. We

can and must stop this drive to invade Iraq. We invite you to join us.