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Not in Our Name


The NION statement of conscience appeared this morning (10/4) as a full page

ad in the Los Angeles Times. We are still trying to do everything we can to

maximize the impact of the statement in these dangerous times.


Here are four things you can do today:


1) Make copies of the LA Times ad and get them posted up in your area (or

download the pdf file from the web site and print it). Bring the statement

to the various October 6th actions around the country



2) Get the statement printed in your local community or campus press. Both

the text and LA Times ad itself can be downloaded from the statement web

site (www.nion.us ). The statement can be published locally using some of the

core signers of the statement together with local signers, provided there is

no change or abbreviation of the text.


3) Download the audio file of Ossie Davis reading the statement. It is an

MP3 file. (PC users should right click on it and choose “save target as”) It

would be very important for this to be played on community and campus radio



4) Our next target is placing the statement in USA Today, which covers the

entire country. If you have not already contributed, send your check to Not

In Our Name, 158 Church St., PMB 9, New York, NY 10007. This will make

possible the publication of the statement in more national and international

venues. If you would like your contribution to be tax-deductible, make the

check to Bill of Rights Foundation.