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Why should you oppose the U.S. war on the people of Iraq?

President Bush is threatening to use weapons of mass destruction on the people of Iraq, claiming that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.  Scott Ritter, a former marine intelligence officer who headed the UN weapons inspection team in Iraq for seven years, stated, "Iraq does not have weapons of mass destruction or maintain ties to international terrorism."  Why?  Because the UN destroyed the weapons!  Iraq has stated that it will unconditionally permit the UN to inspect Iraq for weapons.  A U.S. "preemptive attack" against Iraq is illegal under international law.   


Why should you oppose the U.S. war on the people of Iraq?


1.  There is no evidence that Iraq supported the September 11th terrorist attacks against the U.S.


2.  U.S. Senator Joseph Biden, (D-DE), chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stated the war will cost an estimated $80-100 billion.  Who will pay for this war?  We will.  Who will get the money?  Much of it will go into the pockets of major U.S. corporations such as Boeing and their CEOs.  This money could be better used to fund domestic and foreign programs.


3.  The U.S.-imposed sanctions have devastated the people and economy of Iraq.  Since 1991 up to1 million people, including hundreds of thousands of children under the age of 5, have died due to a lack of food and medicine.  These sanctions are an insidious form of warfare.  Less insidious are the over 200 U.S. bombings of Iraq since the Gulf War "ended" in 1991. 


4.  Instead of launching another war, we need to find a resolution to the situation in Palestine/Israel.  The first step to ensure peace in the Middle East is to end Israeli occupation of Palestine and guarantee the right of return for the Palestinian people.   Many denounce Iraq's failure to comply with UN resolutions, yet fail to demand that Israel comply with UN resolutions concerning Palestine.  We ask that Israel comply with UN resolutions concerning Palestine.


5. A war is still going on in Afghanistan.   The U.S. military has killed innocent civilians, such as the July 1, 2002 killing of 38 people during a wedding party.  The U. S. government supports warlords who kill people who oppose their rule.  U.S. occupation of Afghanistan causes more bloodshed and social unrest.


            We can stop this war if we act now.  With you, we can do even more.


The Iraq Peace Pledge is: American Friends Service Committee, Christian Peacemaker Teams, Chicago Coalition Against U.S. Militarism, Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism, 8th Day Center for Justice, Illinois Peace Action, Nicaragua Solidarity Committee, Palestine Aid Society, Pax Christi - Illinois, Prairie Fire Organizing Committee, United Methodists Churches, Voices in the Wilderness