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Dawn Silver D.N.









     After collecting stones since the age of 8, Dawn began her explorations. She has been  classically taught in astrology since 1977 with the late spiritual astrologer Helen Francis Blue, and trained as a Naprapathic Doctor and nutritionist ’82. She studied with various crystal workers: Michael Smith, Dael Walker, Randall Baer, Carol Glover, Gary Fleck and others noted crystal experts, including scientists and physicists. Dawn began her journey teaching and practicing crystal healing in 1985. Her work has evolved into “The Jewels of the Lotus” Crystal Healing Series.

In 1999 her new book won the CVR Arts Award. 

Dawn Silver practiced extensively until she and her husband (Michael Wisniewski) founded Healing Earth Resources (HER), a New Age Bookstore and Teaching Center in Chicago, IL 1987. Today HER is a 14,000 square foot “village” incorporating, Body Care, Spiritual and Wellness products, Books and Workshops and soon to include the Mother Earth CafĂ©, an organic, vegan cafĂ©. Healing Earth has hosted such speakers and artists as James Redfield, Krishna Das, Depak Chopra, Julia Cameron, Sonya Choquette, Deva Premal, Richard Gordon, Julia Butterfly Hill, Ted Andrews and of course Tina Michelle.                                                                                            

For appointments call 773-271-2792 or email dawnsilver@ameritech.net