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Protecting Our Health Choices "We Become Silent"

If you are interested in protecting your rights to make individual health care choices and ensure access to alternative health treatments PLEASE visit the link below and also log onto  to view an important documentary film
"We Become Silent" narrated by Dame Judi Dench.  These rights are being threatened at this very moment by pharmaceutical companies working in concert with the FDA, Codex and the World Trade Organization. PLEASE take the time NOW to get informed and contact your federal representatives.  We are at a VERY critical juncture and every voice is needed to turn the tide against corporate greed.  "After some 10 years of negotiation, Codex delegates will be deciding whether to finalize the controversial guideline on vitamin and mineral food supplements that has been criticized by detractors as being based on flawed science and defective procedures. In concert with the most powerful governments in the world, including those of Europe and America, special interests appear keen to see the guideline finalized. Once ratified, the guideline is likely to become the global standard by which maximum permitted levels for vitamin and mineral food supplements are derived. Health activists fear that the levels will be set so low that doses of many vital nutrients that provide health benefits would be outlawed." 
American Assoc for Health Freedom
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