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Jacque Dempster



 Listen to the Light




   Learn the Language of your Soul






Jacque began channeling in the 1970’s. Her primary guide is Jehorvah, (pronounced Yeh hor vah). Jehorvah is frequently assisted by “The Guys”, (Jacque’s name for them), when the answer to a question requires a specific expertise. No matter what the question though, Jehorvah and “the guys” always respond with love and great respect for all, while gently chiding and encouraging each of us to choose to expand into our true natures, to ‘listen to the light’, and to become the magnificent person in the physical that they see in spirit.


And while often “The Guys” will discuss tone and vibration, space and time and alternate realities, the overwhelming message of an evening with Jehorvah is one of love. Jehorvah teaches us to love ourselves, to view our own, and others’ flaws with compassion, and to know that we are never alone, never lost. Life’s twists and turns, we find, are no accident.  Mistakes and problems, explains Jehorvah, are often gifts from spirit to help us uncover our true nature and our life’s purpose.


While Jacque loves sharing Jehorvah with others, she is also delighted to assist others to listen to their own wisdom, and to stand in their own truth. Her patience and sense of humor makes learning comfortable and joyful, as she helps others to learn the special language of their soul.


Jacque is a Reiki master teacher and reads tarot and runes. She is experienced in remote viewing and healing and creates guided visualization and affirmation tapes  for her clients to support healing, and to reinforce new beliefs to replace old thought patterns that may be blocking growth.         


Jacque has studied with Sonia Choquette and, as a Certified Sixth Sensory Practitioner, she is included on Ms. Choquette’s website.


 Jacque Dempster is wonderful. She thrilled our Healing Earth clientele by her right on readings when we first booked her in April 05.  Dawn Silver  Healing Earth Co-owner