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"A Deadly Serious Campaign to Eliminate The Nuclear Threat?

  "A Deadly Serious Campaign to Eliminate The Nuclear Threat”

Presented by Tadatoshi Akiba, Mayor of Hiroshima

When: Wednesday, April, 27, 2005
Where: Campus of DePaul University

5:30-6:30pm Meeting with activists of the local peace
Room: Student Center Reception Hall (Room 102)
2250 N. Sheffield
Chicago, IL 60614

7:00-7:20pm Documentary Film --- Hiroshima Nagasaki August 1945
7:20-8:20pm Mayor's Talk
8:20-9:00pm Q & A session

All the above three is at:
Schmidt Academic Center(SAC)
154 Auditorium
2320 North Kenmore Avenue
Chicago, IL 60714

Mayor Akiba is President of Mayor for Peace that boasts over 750 city
members in 110 countries and regions, including the cities of Baltimore,
Delray, abd Rochester in the United States. His talk entitled, “A Deadly
Serious Campaign to Eliminate The Nuclear Threat” will be followed by a
16-minute documentary Hiroshima Nagasaki: August 1945 which is the first
footage shot following the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The talk is free and open to the public.
For more information, contact Yuki Miyamoto, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant
Professor, at ymiyamot@depaul.edu or the Department of Religious Studies at
773-325-7385, or 4547.
or Fumitaka Miyahara, Friends of the Green Planet at fotgp@worldnet.att.net,
phone 630-860-6792 or 847-670-7826.

The event is co-sponsored by
The office of the President, DePaul University,
College of Liberal Arts and Science, DePaul University,
Japanese Studies Program, DePaul University,
Department of Religious Studies, DePaul University,
Friends of the Green Planet
Stephen Trace Productions

You may bring your group's newsletters or the flyers, for we will prepare a
table as "Community Information Update" at the entrance of SAC 154