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Listening to a Bill Moyers' Interview

 I'm listening now to Bill Moyers (PBS) and he is interviewing a man who lived in Afghanistan.

Aghanistan is in terrible shape, he says. The people of Afghanistan are atwar with Bin Laden. He aligns bin laden with Hitler and the people of Afghanistan with the Jews. Tamim Ansary was born in Afghanistan and moved to the US when 16 years old, 30 years ago or so. Talaban runs the country with an iron fist and they had an ideology that is nothing like Islam. It has reduced Afghanistan to rubble. He says the country is littered with landmines and every week 3 or 4 kids are blown up. Heard that 2 million men lost their lives against the Soviets. He goes on and on giving his opinion and they said (havenıt checked this yet myself, forgive me if it’s incorrect) his letters can be read on the WEB: Salom.com or Tompaine.com

Just thought I’d pass this along as itıs on as Iım writing this. So interesting. Maybe, finally, we Americans will hear about and learn about whatıs going on in the world.