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Holographic Repatterning


Holding Peace Inside

A Special, World-Wide Holographic Repatterning* Group Session

Please pass this information on! This healing session is free and open to everyone, everywhere. Amidst the fear, anger and talk of revenge seething in the wake of the recent destruction events, there is also a growing awareness of the urgency of stepping out of the eye-for-an-eye war game and stepping into a head-heart space of mature insight from which we see through the eyes of compassion and understanding. With a recognition that real change happens inside first and with a desire to facilitate holding and expanding this space of greater wisdom, I am offering a special Holographic Repatterning Group Session, Holding Peace Inside, on Saturday, September 22. In this session we will clear our resonance with whatever is blocking our own personal experience of peace so we will more easily and naturally radiate the higher frequencies of peace, wisdom and understanding outward into our families, communities and nations, bringing awareness and change on a broader level. This session will have a dual format that accommodates local participants, who are able to attend in person, as well as participants from around the globe who, for obvious reasons, will not be attending in person and therefore will be included by proxy. If you wish to participate, either as an in-person or proxy participant, this is what to do: Contact me, Lucinda Hobart, via email (energynetwrk@yahoo.com) or phone (541-488-4897) with the following information: 1. Your name 2. Your geographic location (state or country) 3. Your email address or your telephone number if you have no access to email 4. Whether you plan to participate in person or by proxy Optional 5. Any questions you may have about the process or if you need directions to my house. It is as simple as that. Please Note: Because HR can only be done with the permission of the person involved, everyone who wishes to participate must notify me individually. For local participants planning to attend in person, the session is scheduled to begin at 3:00 in the afternoon at my house ini Ashland, OR. Depending upon response, the location may be changed..If there is a change of place you will be notified of the change by Thursday evening either by email or by phone if you have no email access. For proxy participants, you don't have to be doing anything in particular at that time. You're free to go about your daily activities. There is no charge for this session. Please spread the word! How close can we get to our world leaders? I look forward to hearing from hundreds of people! Even before sending out this notice, the list of participants has already begun and includes people from four countries!

In Peace, Lucinda