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Surya Das

The true battlefield is the heart of man, as Dostoevsky says.

If we want peace in the world -- and I firmly believe that we all do -- we need to face this fact. We must learn how to deal with anger and hatred, and to soften up and disarm our own hearts, as well as work in larger contexts towards nuclear disarmament and peace in our time. We need to think globally and act locally, beginning with ourselves and each other -- at home, in the family, as well as outside at work and in the community, reaching out more and more in broad, all-embracing circles of collective caring and responsibility. This is the path to a more peaceful future for all of us. Today is a time for prayer, reflection on what is most important in our lives, and to think about what steps we might take towards nonviolence within ourselves and our own lives, and towards a more peaceful world.

--Surya Das