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Marianne Williamson

Subject: Thoughts from Marianne Williamson on the crisis in the U.S.

Dear Friends,

In my book HEALING THE SOUL OF AMERICA, I wrote about an experience I had in a hotel lobby in New Delhi during the mid

l990's. It resonates deeply for me today. An Egyptian diplomat, whom I met while taking a break from leading a spiritual pilgrimage

to India, came up to me and gently, kindly said these words: "I do not mean this as a criticism of the United States. I know the Americans are good men and women. But please try to make them understand: many people in my part of the world feel that they ave been forced to try to keep up with you, in a race that we do not really care to run. Your technology is amazing, but America seems spiritually polluted to many of us. Your ways are not our ways, and while we were tempted for a while to think that your ways should

be our ways, we do not think that anymore. This is the problem, Ms. Williamson, and there will be terrible consequences in the world if America does not come to understand this. Islamic terrorists have had such success- if you can call their campaigns a success -- because they have been able to persuade millions of peasants that America is bad. It is not too difficult to do, Ms. Williamson. All they

have to do is describe the television programs you export to this part of the world, and millions of people are very horrified. America often comes across to us as very arrogant and uncaring. Your government does not understand. They do not see how the people feel.

We need the American people to understand. Perhaps you will bring more Americans to our part of the world. If they come to understand us, then they will respect us. We would feel that respect, and then I don't think that the terrorists would have such success.

This is not a job the CIA can do. It is only a job which people can do."

His words have rung in my ears over the last few days, and I thought that perhaps they would ring in yours. They reveal important

information, which I hope we all take to heart.

Peace and love to all of you,

Marianne Williamson

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