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Letter from Amma

 Subject : Amma's Message

Date : Mon, 17 Sep 2001 13:18:05 -0700 (PDT)

My dear children, the embodiment of Divine souls, my abundant love to all of you and sincere heartfelt condolences to those families who have lost their innocent
kith and kin in the most man-made disastrous event of the country.

This event shows how a small sprout of hatred in the heart of a human being, which should be an abode of Divinity, can collapse the world into ashes in a few seconds.

My dear children! Today, we are in need of upliftment of human values, which is true religion.  With unbarred humane outlook, through love and compassion, one can soften his
heart and purify himself.  Let your hearts be wide open with pure love and universal brotherhood.  May the human hearts be with rich principles of unity, peace, integrity
and equanimity.  My blessings are always there to those who have suffered from the disaster and others who have escaped it.  Let the latter spend atleast a part of their time in practicing Dharma which alone helps them realize the Truth leading to universal peace.

With Love
Yours Amma

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