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CTA Route Cuts-voice your views by Nov. 5 or Bye-Bye!

The CTA proposes to cut the following routes. These cuts may effect your getting to and from work in a timely, easy fashion.

Wrtie: Attention Mr. Longhin CTA, P.O. Box 3555, Chicago, IL 60654
or email CTAHeal@transitchicago.com

#11 Lincoln  - Weekday, and Saturday and Sunday eliminated

#37 Sedgwick/Ogden - Seekday service eliminated

#56A North Milwaukee - Weekday service eliminated

#122 Illinois Center/NW Express - Weekday service eliminated

#123 Illinois Center/Union Express weekday service eliminated

#124 Navy Pier weekday, Saturday and Sunday service eliminated

#127 NW/Madison weekday service eliminated

#128 West Loop/South Loop - weekday service eliminated

#130 Grant Park Treasures Saturday and Sunday service eliminated

This listing is from the Lakeview article "Endangered Spicies" Nov. 2004

maybe there are more cuts?