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Tell Bush to Prevent a Climate Crisis

 When the new disaster movie, "The Day After Tomorrow", opened a week and half ago, over 8,000 MoveOn members were outside theaters in 622 cities, talking to moviegoers about the real danger of a climate crisis.

We've got to act now to prevent a climate crisis. Sign the petition to tell President Bush and members of Congress to support the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act.

The Senate will soon consider a bill sponsored by Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman that would commit the United States to taking concrete actions to reduce global warming. You can help by signing our petition supporting the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act, at:


The Senate is expected to vote on this bill within the next two weeks, and your Senators need to hear that you care. Our petition carries a powerful message to President Bush and members of Congress -- that we can't wait any longer to take action.

We asked MoveOn members who passed out information about global warming outside the movie theaters to tell us about their experience. Here's what a few of you said were your favorite parts:

    "A mom walking out with her teenage daughter and just lighting up when I handed her the flyer, turning to her daughter and saying, 'See, we can do something about this.'"

    "When a 20-something said 'I didn't think anyone your age would care anymore' (I'm 60)."

    "When we all began to arrive and there were so many of us from MoveOn and we could connect from the heart about our concern for our world and the comfort that came from the sense of belonging to a kind of community!"

    "When a theatre security guard went in and explained to theatre management that we were not only promoting the movie, we were trying to save the world!"

Four years ago, candidate Bush promised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As president, he's broken that promise, consistently siding with his campaign contributors from the energy and automobile industries to block new policies that would help prevent a climate crisis.

Scientists are now telling us that the earth is heating up faster than at any time in its history. Now is the time for our leaders to act, before it's too late.

Please sign the petition today, and please ask your friends to sign as well, at:


Thanks for your help.

--Carrie, Joan, Lee, Noah, Peter, and Wes
  The MoveOn.org Team
  Wednesday, June 9th, 2004

P.S.: See our website for background information.