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Hello, for those of you who do not know me my name is Susan Plum.  Two weeks ago I walked across the Border from El Paso, Texas to Juarez, Mexico. There have been over 500 young women-girls that have been tortured and murdered in Juarez. 

I am sending this email at this time rather than later because of the astronomical event we are about to witness with Venus crossing the Sun, June 7th and 8th.  This transit speaks to the feminine, informs, uncovers, reveals, harmonizes and illuminates.

I have been in touch with Marisela, the head of the Mujerez de Juarez organization through email for some time, but we finally met personally while I was in Juarez.  She is a strong woman with an immense heart and daunting courage.  Marisela introduced me to three of the mothers--Juanita, Julia, and Josefina, women I will never forget and feel a deep kinship with.  The political climate is such that there has been almost no investigative work done and there is little likelihood that there will be any justice for some time.   These women stand alone, feeling invisible and abandoned within their community.  They want justice.  If you would like to find out more about this situation there is a great deal of information on the net if you search under women of Juarez.  The organization Marisela initiated and that I am involved with is: www.mujeresdejuarez.org

I was invited to have an exhibit at the Univ. of Texas at El Paso Galleries either in the fall off this year or the spring of next. I thought it might also be the opportunity to organize a simultaneous event or “limpia” in Juarez to help the mothers and the organization. But now that I have witnessed the danger of the situation I cannot jeopardize the safety of the Jaurez women, myself and other participants. 

How to find a safe way to support the mothers and their daughters?  I spoke with Jesus, San Miguel’s wise man and pundit, healer and shaman. I have learned to trust him and his insights from previous occasions.   He was adamant in describing the danger and darkness in Juarez and said the most effective way to help at this time is to act indirectly and bring light to Juarez, especially to the mothers and the of the young women-girls who have been murdered. 

I am asking you to join me in lighting a votive for one of these 500 young women-girls that have been murdered with the intention of illuminating a path so that their spirit can move out of darkness into the light and the intention for their mother to be consoled.  With Venus crossing the Sun on the 7th and 8th I am hoping to reach as many women as we can, so we that can draw from this amazing celestial event by making our intention and lighting the votive (ideally red) at any time during these two days. If you get this email after the transit, please know that you are bringing enormous help whenever you do have the opportunity to light a votive. You can place it on your altar, in the garden---any place that feels right to you, only make sure that it stays lit until all the wax is gone.  After you have lit the candle and made your intention please photograph the votive.  When you get a print please sign it and mail it to me.  I will collect all the photographs and put them on a board or boards to hang in the gallery as part of the exhibition.  Copies will be made of these photographs and sent to the mothers as I receive them.  I believe in my heart that this will bring some peace to these mothers in the knowledge that they are not alone, nor invisible, that their daughters are being helped and that they (the mothers) are a part of a greater whole.  At the exhibit they will be seeing all the votive photographs together giving them the sense of the power of this simple act as well as the opportunity so see the number of women that have been a part of this healing.

I want to thank you for participating and know that there are many reasons to be lighting votives during our present time in history.  The mothers will greatly

appreciate this act of kindness, compassion,  and depth. I feel and hope it will give them a sense of empowerment where they have felt no empowerment. Please forward this to women you know so that they too can forward it until we reach at least 500 women.

Susan Plum

Em: susanplum@cybermatsa.com.mx

I am an artist living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for the last 2 years.  I was raised and lived in Mexico City for 20 years.  Luz y Solidaridad grew out of a dream I have had for several years of “sweeping” the Border.  Sweeping continues to be an important ritual in Mexico as it is in many other cultures.  It is similar to the “Painted Prayers” of India, where they begin the day clearing the energy by painting prayers with rice-water onto the earth outside their homes even before the daily chores.  Sweeping is considered a sacred act.  It is both an act of humbleness and act of power.  The exhibit in El Paso will also include 15ft brooms that will hang from the ceiling with a knot tied in the broom.  These brooms will hang down and touch the floor.  There has been a magical thread that has kept this project alive all these years as well as many friends that have helped and been very supportive to this project and me. If you are interested in getting the mythic side of the story or plans that are being discussed among some friends interested in participating I will email you directly. 

If you have any questions, input or thoughts, I would love to hear from you.  I look forward to receiving the votive photographs.  Please send this on to women you know so that they too will keep this letter circulating until we reach at least 500 women.

Mailing address for those in US and Europe

Susan Plum

28 de Abril Sur #37

Col. San Antonio 37750

San Miguel de Allende, GTO. Mx.

My mailing address for those in Mexico

Susan Plum

220 Zapata Hwy #11

Box 42 b

Laredo, Texas 78043

(This address is a mail service in San Miguel)