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Monthly Events

1st Tuesday of every month
7:30 - 9 pm - $3 members/$5 nonmembers

Chicago Chapter

Meeting of the Chicago Chapter 
For more information call Martin Barba 773-510-2998

1st and 3rd Saturday of each month.
2-3 p.m.

Workshop & Support Group

Pete Koffron & Rev. Maggie Fox

Have you ever made this "resolution?"  "I want to lose weight."  or "I want to maintain a healthy weight." Ready to look your best - no matter what time of year it is or what is going on (holidays, family trips, etc.)?  When you're ready for a life-changing program packed with positive, healthy, safe (even Doctor recommended) services, products and support - sign-up for Healing Earth's on-going, bi-monthly "Leave Your Fat Behind" Workshop & Support Group.

At our first monthly meeting, you'll learn more about the Isagenix Fat Burning Program.  Complete details located at: http://healingearth.isagenix.com/  Isagenix taps into the ancient wisdom of liver cleansing powered with the latest technical advancements in liver cleansing products.

Your second (and ongoing) meeting provides a personal support group at no additional cost - ALL YEAR LONG (as long as you maintain an active Isagenix status). In each meeting, you'll access critical information necessary to install a lifetime of healthy habits. You’ll quickly learn how these new habits balance your body, mind and spirit.

Come and help build a Healing Earth tradition. This program supports both your health and Healing Earths' passion to be of service. Contact  Pete at 773-828-8162 for more details.

2nd & 4th Monday of the month
7:30pm –9:00pm Suggested Donation $5

Meditation with Healing Session


We will start with a 20 minute guided meditation known as the Meditation on Twin Hearts for Peace and Illumination followed by Pranic Healing sessions to those wanting a healing. Pranic Healing is a touchless modality that uses "prana" or life-force to manipulate the energy in the aura by removing negative, dirty, used up energy and replenishing it with fresh revitalizing energy to assist the body to heal itself. Elizabeth Sedeno is a student of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. She has been studying under Master Co and Grand Master Choa Kok Sui for the past 7 years.

2nd Wednesday of every month
7:15 pm

Self-Help Study
with Jack Rost


3rd Monday of the month
7:00pm  Free Event

with a variety of Hosts

The purpose of Socrates Cafe is to build a community that encourages people to think about their lives and provides a forum for doing so together. We start off each meeting gathering questions that have been on our minds. These questions range from "what is beauty?" to "does mental illness really exist?" to "what are the ramifications of the automobile on society?" to "is it ever okay to lie?" There are no guidelines for good questions beyond the interests of the group. We then spend about two hours delving into the question -- not really trying to answer it, but rather trying to see it from as many different sides as we can, investigating its assumptions, getting beyond pat answers and appreciating the depth and complexity of all the issues we encounter. Come and join a Socrates Cafe - a group of spirited, inquisitive souls ready for lively dialog and friendship making. - Explore the art of dialog. - Your host keeps things lively. - Come and go as you'd like.

3rd Friday  of every month
(September to November and February to May)
Does not meet June through August and December and January
730 - 9 pm   $5 members  -  $8 nonmembers


Friends of Astrology Web Page

4th Friday  of every month
700 - 8:30 pm $5 Free Event

with the Chicago Study Group
Facilitated by Rev. Joan Margau

Open to all sincere persons. Partake of the wisdom and knowledge of the Mystery Schools of the Ascended Masters. The Foundation is a church that worships God and explores spiritual psychical phenomena and works to make the world a better place for humankind.


4th Sunday of the month

7 - 9 pm - Membership - $35 annually

Potluck Dinner & Town Meeting

For more information visit these  websites -
http://www.veganstreet.com/ or http://chicago.earthsave.org/  or http://www.earthsave.org/

Meets the Last Sunday of the Month
Please arrive by 2:00pm Open Donation

with Aum.Ha. Encampment O.T.O., Chicago

Do What Thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law. Performing Mass and Initiations. The Gnostic Mass is the central ceremony of our Church, and we consider it a sacred occasion. It is the central ritual of the O.T.O., public and private. The Gnostic Mass is a ritual of power and beauty, which shadows forth age-old mysteries and affirms the dawning Law of Liberty. Members of the Church take great pleasure in sharing this rite with friends and seekers of wisdom. For more information call 773.784.9308. Love is the Law, Love under Will.